Progress monitoring follow-up, mediation services, and Outplacement Programs are negotiated if appropriate.

Four Year or Vocational College selection services specifically individualized for students with disabilities are provided. 

Transition Program matching for gap years or independent living also arranged.



Our Services

Our Consulting and Advocacy expertise provides up-to-date parent education and support. We provide step by step 504 & IEP identification, program & goal analysis, and college selection services specifically for students with disabilities.

How Can We Help You?

Parents of children with learning disabilities are often faced with many obstacles when it comes to receiving appropriate programming from their neighborhood school districts.

Sometimes the process of having a child identified by the school district as having a learning disability can be physically and mentally exhausting.

Sometimes parents are worn down by unproductive school meetings where the same issues are rehashed year after year without any forward progress being made.

The pursuit of appropriate educational services can often feel like another full time job that many parents feel ill-equipped to take on alone.


One educational plan doesn't fit all children, nor does one fixed advocacy style, transition proposal, or assessment. At Child Advocacy LLC we'll help you find what's right for your child. Whether you need a special education program, an outplacement or help with college selection process. 

Expert review and analysis of  school records and independent service providers' standardized assessments to create a one of a kind plan for your child. Expert evaluation referrals to appropriate service providers for individual needs. Referral for special education litigation and Due Process when necessary. Child Advocacy LLC to learn how we can help you....

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​​Educational Advocacy for Children with Special Education Needs