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Parents of children with learning disabilities are often faced with many obstacles when it comes to receiving appropriate programming from their neighborhood school districts.

Sometimes the process of having a child identified by the school district as having a learning disability can be physically and mentally exhausting.

Sometimes parents are worn down by unproductive school meetings where the same issues are rehashed year after year without any forward progress being made on them. 

The pursuit of appropriate educational services often feels like another full time job many parents feel ill-equipped to take on alone.

Sometimes studying is not enough...

At Child Advocacy, LLC, we provide comprehensive support services to parents at every stage of the process, whether you have just discovered that your child has special needs, or are a seasoned special education parent.

We do that by first providing up to date information specifically relevant to your child’s individual needs.  Armed with that knowledge, you become more confident, knowing exactly what services your child is entitled to, and how to begin to move forward toward receiving them.

At Child Advocacy, LLC, no suspected area of disability is overlooked.

If we find there isn't enough information in your child's record, we provide referrals to independent professionals, regarded as experts in their fields, so they can translate that expertise into appropriate program recommendations for your child.

Armed with this information Child Advocacy, LLC, supports parents through all stages of this process.

Although no one can guarantee results, we can help level the playing field. 
Contact us at to learn how.

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